• Straighter Teeth Without Braces? NOW THAT IS SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT!

    Yes, with modern orthodontics it is possible to have orthodontic care without braces, wires and hooks. Gone are the days of cut lips, raw tongues and cheeks. No more worries about runaway cavities and periodontal disease because you cannot brush and floss.

    Now you can eat normally, without restrictions and brush & floss normally while correcting your smile. Just imagine, no one will know that you are improving your smile unless you want them to know.

    I have been a certified Invisalign providing doctor for years and see just how wonderful this modern technology is for my patients. If you are an adult or teenager, then you can be a candidate for this amazing orthodontic care.

    Just call our office for more information and see if you can have a straighter, healthier smile without the hardware and bother of “old fashioned orthodontic treatment.”