• 27 Mar 14

    Tooth Pain?

    At one time or another, most people have experienced at least some form of tooth pain. Though this type of pain is usually located around the teeth, pain can sometimes radiate outward to include the neck and jaws. Often, pain is sharp and excruciating, but some patients may experience tooth pain as protracted and mild. A thorough examination performed by our office can help determine the nature and cause of your tooth pain. However, through routine check-ups, we can usually identify and treat any potential causes of tooth pain before you experience any symptoms.

    Dental Causes of Tooth Pain

    Many factors can contribute to the cause of tooth pain, and in many cases, pain is aggravated by heat or cold or by chewing. In most cases, tooth pain is the result of exposure of the underlying tooth root and nerves due to either gum recession or damage to the tooth itself. The most significant causes of tooth pain include:

    Gum disease Cavities
    Tooth root sensitivity Gum disease
    Tooth root sensitivity
    Cracked teeth
    Impacted or erupting molars